Tickled Pink

Yes, I am.  For several reasons, namely this is the first blog for compose yourself.  It only took three weeks (or really a year) of undecided-ness and uncertainty to actually post something.  Composition Designs is passionate about fab design and how to integrate splenderful style into all aspects of the lives we lead so I’m jumping in head first.

But tickled pink is what Pantone has decided we all are for 2011 as they introduced their color of the year in early December 2010 and it’s . . . Honeysuckle, a red-ish pink that has a rich depth of color and isn’t a bit pastel.

Quarter to Pink Print from Ballarddesigns.com

Not a pink person?  Convinced this might be too-too to incorporate into our interiors?  Looking back over previous “colors of the year” we soon realize how powerful these predictions are for  consumers.  Last year it was the year of turquoise.  2009 – Mimosa, a vibrant yellow.  And who can forget the purples of 2008?  These colors were and still are in our homes and closets just as the design forecasting powers have declared we are now mad for pink!

Let’s put on our rose-colored glasses and take a shine to this optimistic hue.  Certainly it’s timely for Valentine’s Day but can be used to pump up those belgian beige’s, buddy-up to blues and partner perfect with greens.  Here are some easy, low-committment ways to work Honeysuckle:

Make pillows that pop! Amy Butler Cerise Fabric

-Love this Amy Butler Cerise fabric from Fabric.com.

-Wallcoverings can add a zing to any room by covering table-side books in this zippy shade or placing in the rear interior of bookshelves.

-Adding a glimmer of pink to a mantel or tabletop with glass offers a powerful punch.

Stacy Garcia Mum @ Yorkwall.com

Celia Wallcovering @Yorkwall.com



IKEA Herrang Candle Holder

-So no pink elephant in the room!  Embrace pink this year.  Even the attendees at the Golden Globes were styled in this trendy color.


The Golden Globes were pink spot on! fabsugar.com


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